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It doesn’t get any better…

It has been a good long while. Our intentions were good but the blogging just wasn’t happening. Now, we have decided to turn a new leaf! The MHR CPA blog is back.

To start off our new-found exuberance, let me just say that I will be searching the internet (as well as old-fashioned print magazines) for informative and relevant information to pass on to our friends and clientele. Immersing ourselves in tax code, tax law, tax changes, etc is, well, taxing. So to start off this new commitment to higher learning, we thought to share some fun tax information (is there really such a thing?)

Tony Nitti, a contributor to Forbes, recently wrote this fantastic article, “Your Complete Guide To Every Tax Reference In ‘The Simpsons’ Marathon”.

See, taxes can (sometimes) be amusing…Your Complete Guide To Every Tax Reference In ‘The Simpsons’ Marathon

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