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California Small Business Development Center; excellent resources with workshops and one-to-one counseling:
San Francisco 415.841.4050; Santa Rosa 707.524.1770; or go to for a list of workshops.

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Medical reimbursement & cafeteria plans-excellent site for medical savings for self-employed

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Articles of Interest

The following articles address in simple, clear English, many important issues that you may be dealing with. The information in these articles has been culled from countless other articles and years of experience, and cannot be found elsewhere. They are written with you in mind.

Deductible Expenses. Do you know what you are entitled to deduct as a business expense on your tax return? According to the IRS, deductible expenses must by “ordinary, reasonable and necessary.” Are you sure you are capturing all your deductible expenses? Click here to download: Deductible Expenses.

Entity Choice, or “should I be a sole proprietorship, LLC, or corporation?” confronts every business owner. We have prepared a document describing the key differences, benefits and features of different entity choices simplified in a language you can understand.  Click here to download: Entity Choice

New S Corportion To-Do's. So you have set up your new S Corporation. What do I do now? Here is a list of all your must To-Do's for your new corporation. Click here to download: "New S Corp To Do's"

Simple Accounting for the Small Business, a simple, intuitive accounting system, requiring no knowledge of accounting or computer software which nonetheless provides accurate totals for income and expenses, as well as a written trail valuable in the event of an audit. Click here to download: "Simple Accounting for the Small Business.”

So You Are Being Audited, a practical article telling what to expect and how to prepare for an audit. It should help put you at ease. Click here to download: "So You Are Being Audited".