Recommendations for Richard Eckersdorff, CPA, MBA

“For the past 21 years of my 40 years of practicing medicine I have been actually looking forward to Richard Eckersdorff doing my tax return. In the distant past I dreaded giving my material to other accountants because I always seemed to owe the IRS much more than I thought I would, and it would take months before I knew anything. Since I discovered Mr. Eckersdorff, with his indescribable breadth of knowledge and always up-to-date tax preparation software, I always drive away from his office smiling, knowing the exactly what is owed or due to me and that the money will be back in my possession within a couple of weeks. 5 stars for MHR!! “

—John P. Mahony, M.D., San Rafael, CA

“Several years ago I fell victim to a shady tax accountant who got me into trouble with the IRS. A coworker recommended that I see Richard Eckersdorff for tax advice before my audit and I am so glad that I did. Richard explained what was wrong with my previous return in language that I could understand. He went through it line by line and advised me on what were legitimate claims, where the errors had occurred and what I would likely have to pay to make it right. During the audit the IRS agents questions about each claim were almost verbatim what Richard had asked me during his review of my return. My ability to answer their questions and explain what had happened to me honestly and with authority saved me thousands of dollars in interest and penalty fees. I give Richard full credit for that positive outcome. Since then he has prepared my taxes every year and has advised me on the tax benefits and perils of purchasing investment properties in the US and Mexico. His professionalism, attention to detail and in depth knowledge of the tax laws leaves no room for error or any risk of costly tax mistakes. Now I look forward to tax season every year as it means another visit with Richard and Shelah and another refund for me.”

—Ken Bryan, Lucasfilm Entertainment Co. Ltd., Model Supervisor, Sausalito CA

“Richard Eckersdorff has been my tax accountant for almost 20 years. He is fast, precise, thorough, and always knowledgeable about the latest developments in tax law and regulation. I have no hesitation in recommending him to both individuals and businesses.”

—Melanie J. Morgan, Attorney at Law, Mill Valley, CA

“My name is Sanjay Patel, Iʼm a Pixar animator, author, and illustrator. Iʼve been using using the tax services of Richard Eckersdorff for more than ten years because heʼs simply the best! After working with other CPAʼs, I found Richard to be honest, accurate, and fast. He literally sits you down side by side with him and walks you through your process. By the end of the session you not only have your taxes prepared but you leave with a clear financial picture of your assets.”

—Sanjay Patel, Pixar Animator, Oakland, CA

“Richard Eckersdorff has been our tax accountant for more than 20 years. He handles both our personal and business (S corporation) tax accounting. We recommend him to friends and clients, and they have always praised his work. Richard does everything an accountant should do, and more and he makes it enjoyable! He is thorough, thoughtful, and effective. He thinks out of the box to provide us with tax advantages and tax planning. He recommended forming an S corporation for our real estate business and guided us easily though the setup. Best of all, Richard listens to what we need and is flexible in his thinking.”

—Madeline Schaider and Alan Blumenthal, Madeline Schaider Real Estate, Corte Madera, CA

“Richard discovered an error on my tax return which had been prepared by my prior CPA. Richard amended my tax return and I received a refund of over $300,000. Without Richard, my home would have gone to foreclosure. If you took my pulse and heart rate prior to Richard and after working with Richard, you would count more than two miracles…Thank you forever Richard!”

—Susan Rothschild, Tiburon, CA

“In the late 1990ʼs my husband and I were faced with an IRS audit which had been ongoing for about six months, and had produced an increase in our tax liability of about $100,000. This was no small change and quite intimidating to us. Richard met with us and the IRS auditor and the audit was concluded in two weeks. Further, the audit adjustments were reduced from $100,000 to $20,000. Richard has been my CPA for many years now. His expertise, professionalism, and quite frankly brightness give me peace of mind. I know heʼs the best in his field.

—Nise Santiago, Business Consultant, Corte Madera, CA

“Iʼve worked with many CPAʼs during my career, including providing investment training. I have been very impressed with Richardʼs knowledge of tax law and how to save his clientsʼ money. He has an inquisitive streak and wants to understand how things work so that he can pass along that knowledge in tax savings to his clients. Iʼm sticking with Richard.”

—Phil B., Financial Services Professional, Mill Valley, CA

“I have been using Richard Eckersdorffʼs services as my accountant for the last 3 years, and Iʼm so happy to say it has been one of the best decisions Iʼve made. Richard makes doing taxes so easy for the lay person like me, and he is so patient and brilliant around tax law and really great at explaining things in way that my husband and I can understand. He is fast and thorough and is available to answer any questions that might come up over the year. I felt like he looked after us and made sure we knew how to proceed in all areas of taxes. I used to be so anxious around tax season every year, preparing all the info for my accountant, making sure everything was accurate and now I feel more secure and able to handle my business, knowing that I understand the financial system so much better. I am go grateful to have found someone like Richard to make this often stressful time so much easier and less burdensome.”

—Doree Clark, owner, Stage Dor Dance

“Richard, I am in debt to you over the years and very much appreciate it when you do my tax returns. You make a complicated experience pleasant and for 20 years now, you have helped me find deductions which Iʼve overlooked, and I believe thatʼs an important reason that Iʼve received refunds in many years.”

—Larry Friedman, Kentfield, CA

“Richard has been my CPA for over ten years. Due to his professionalism, expertise and ability to explain the process clearly, he makes a ʻtaxingʼ experience painless.”

—Louise Bussell, Companion Caregiver, Tiburon, CA

“In 1988, my husband Paul and I went to a CPA (not Richard) who prepared our return. It was not a good experience in that she did not appear to have our best interests in mind. She was like an auditor for the government and we ended up owing the IRS $15,000. The next year we went to Richard. He assisted us in “cleaning up” our record keeping, and educated us on allowable deductions. Richard contacted the IRS on our behalf, and stopped collection proceedings against us. Ultimately, the IRS tax lien was lifted. I have been using Richard for all tax preparations since that date and continue to be very grateful for his knowledge and professionalism.”

—Alexis Newman Friedman, Kentfield, CA

Recommendations for Shelah Norman

“Having had the opportunity to work with Shelah Norman on many projects over more than 15 years I continue to be amazed by her creativity and her ability to simplify the presentation of complex information. Her positive approach to understanding and achieving client goals is outstanding.”

—Michaela Kalff, Principal, KS, Mill Valley, CA

“I have worked with Shelah in various capacities for the past fourteen years. I have always known her to be reliable, consistent, and ethical in all of the opportunities weʼve had to work together. You can count on Shelah to get the job done with the highest standards.”

—Diana Waterman, Director, Partner Programs, Sage Business Solutions, McLean, VA

“It is my pleasure to offer a strong testimonial on behalf of Ms. Shelah Norman, who first provided services to assist my small business activities in 1998. Shelah is a very talented professional, who has outstanding interpersonal, analytical and creative skills. I have absolutely no reservations in recommending Shelah as an individual who is totally reliable and who will get the job done.”

—John R. Thomas, Ross, CA

“I have known Shelah Norman, both professionally and personally for over 15 years. Her professional skills in the areas of software, bookkeeping and marketing are stellar. I highly respect her as a person. In my opinion, she is a marvelous compliment to Richard Eckersdorff. I give the strongest possible recommendation to Shelah Norman.“

—Carolyn Sanders, Human Resources Manager, San Rafael, CA