Comprehensive Tax Services

Preparation of all types of tax returns, not only in the Bay Area but all across the United States:

  1. Individual returns, resident and non-resident, multi-state
  2. Corporate returns, both S corp and C corp
  3. Partnership and LLC tax returns
  4. Estate & trust tax returns

Other tax filings, including payroll, sales, and property taxes.

For Business Owners

The issue of Entity Choice, or “should I be a sole proprietorship, LLC, or corporation?” confronts every business owner. We have prepared a document describing the key differences, benefits and features of different entity choices simplified in a language you can understand. Contact us at [email protected] and request your free PDF file about “Entity Choices: The Pros and Cons.”

Tax and Financial Planning

Tax planning is useful in organizing your situation and reporting information to take advantage of all tax opportunities available to minimize your tax liability. This could include incorporating, setting up retirement plans, records organization etc. Oftentimes, tax planning is done in July and December.

Anytime your circumstances change in a material way, including job/work changes, changes in marital status, house sales etc it is imperative to know the tax consequences of your actions so that you can intelligently choose the appropriate course of action.

Audit Representation

If you are audited, we happy to council you or act on your behalf at your tax audit and respond to any government requests for information. Over the years, we have had exceedingly good results when returns are examined.

Dealing with the Government

We can set up installment agreements, negotiate offers in compromise, file multiple year late-filed returns, and abate penalties.


We will help you make the decision about the appropriate type of entity for you ie. S Corpoation, C Corporation, Sole Proprietorship. Based on that decision, we can incorporate you, set up an LLC or convert from one type of entity to another.


We have bookkeepers of all levels and all rates to accommodate your needs. All bookkeepers are supervised by a CPA and the goal of the bookkeeping is towards preparation of your tax returns and minimizing your tax liability.